Nuzul Al-Quran, Ramadhan
Detailed Information

Nuzul Al-Quran is celebrated in Brunei on the 17th day of Ramadhan every year. Nuzul Al-Quran, roughly translated as ‘revelation of the Qur’an’, commemorates the day that the first words of the Qur’an were revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) during one of his isolated retreats to the Cave of Hira’, and they were the first five lines of Surah Al-‘Alaq from Chapter 96 of the Qur’an. After this day, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) continued to receive Qur’anic verses for 23 years. It is a day for solemnity and reflection and Muslims mark this day by attending prayers at mosques and reciting the Qur’an.