junSmartNation Brunei: Google’s Role in Shaping the Digital Landscape and VisionMusyawarah Hall, International Convention Centre (ICC)TypeTechnology & Innovation

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“SmartNation Brunei: Google’s Role in Shaping the Digital Landscape and Vision,” presents a unique and focused opportunity for a more intimate exploration of the symbiotic relationship between Brunei’s technological aspirations and Google’s transformative contributions. This seminar distinguishes itself as a more focused and interactive event, fostering in-depth discussions, engaging presentations, and hands-on workshops. Key topics covered in the seminar include Digital Landscape Mapping, Visionary Initiatives,Innovation Ecosystem, Data-driven Insights and SmartNation Strategies With an emphasis on fostering collaboration and interaction, this seminar invites participants to engage in in-depth discussions, gain insights from thought leaders, and contribute actively to envisioning the digital future of Brunei.

Date: To be confirmed


Musyawarah Hall, International Convention Centre (ICC)


To be confirmed

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